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Frequently Asked Question About Surge & Lightning Protection
[b]What are Surge and Lightning Protection Devices? [/b]
It has been noticed that due to short circuit, lightning strike, electric shock causes unwanted destruction, to reduce the risk involved in such cases Surge and lightning protection devices are installed in our building or self places. Furthermore, JMV LPS ltd are setting a mark in providing the best quality services regarding the SPD's and LPS from designing till installation as per the industrial guidelines and relevant standards.
[b]Why Do Surge Protectors Wear out? [/b]
Surge Protection devices are meant to reduce the risk of danger possibly being caused due to some internal or external factors, but these protection devices do not last forever. Failing of the device can be identified from its Joule (a unit to measure energy) rating. And when the supply is used it should get replaced.
[b]If We Have Good Grounding, Do We Still Need Surge Protection? [/b]
[b]Yes, [/b] Surge Protection Devices are used to prevent our appliances and wiring from high voltage fluctuation or power surges and in fact good grounding is an important factor for SPD's to run properly. 
[b]What is the Life of a Surge Protection Device?[/b]
Usually, life of a Surge Protection Device is 3-5 years but it also depends upon other factors. If the concerned area suffers voltage fluctuations, blackouts, lightning strikes etc such reasons may affect the life of a Surge Protection Device and you may have to replace it sooner than the average lifespan of the SPD.
[b]How Many Devices Can We Plug Into a Surge Protector? [/b]
Generally a Surge protector has a number of outlets but it is not advisable to plug-in all the outlets simultaneously especially in case of heavy devices such as Televisions, Air Conditioners etc. But if you are using outlets for devices like phone chargers and other devices using low power, it will not affect much to use many outlets at a time.

Note: This content is taken from this site degentevakana.com and published on this blog and to know more in details about the full content here is the source link to check.

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