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BoilX However, watch your feelings. After applying the soap, there should be no feeling of tightness, discomfort. For owners of thin dry skin, soap as a means of washing is not suitable. In addition, it is unsuitable for removing decorative cosmetics - other means are used for this. Remove makeup with oily cosmetic milk. It easily removes decorative makeup particles and dirt from the skin and upper layers of the epidermis. Apply milk to the skin, dispense, and then remove with a cloth. Remove Cleansing Milk differently. After applying it with makeup, rinse with warm water without the use of additional cleaning agents. Wipe the skin with lotion. Put liquid on a napkin, cotton pad and carefully remove dirt from the face. Keep in mind that lotions contain alcohol. Its content may vary. So for oily skin, a remedy with alcohol content is suitable, and for dry and / or aging skin no more than Wash yourself with a cleanser. Apply a certain amount of foam to a damp face, foam, and then rinse, removing all dirt from the skin with the product. Instead of foam, you can use an emulsion. Its difference from foam in a higher fat content, which makes the product suitable for use by people with highly sensitive or dry skin. Apply a little gel to the skin and foam it with water. Then rinse with plenty of foam. The gel perfectly cleanses the skin, has a non-greasy texture and is suitable for people with any type of skin. If you are a “happy” owner of inflamed or very dry skin, then it makes sense for you to have a bottle in the bathroom with cleansing oil for washing. Apply a few drops of the product on the face, sprinkle it with water, foam. The product forms a milk emulsion with a delicate texture. This emulsion perfectly removes impurities, makeup residues and is washed off with plain warm water. After cleansing your skin, do not forget to apply nourishing and moisturizing creams. This is especially necessary after water procedures. Endocrine disorders, unbalanced nutrition, as well as improper facial care can ultimately lead to disruption of the sebaceous glands and excessive production of sebum, which expands the pores and often gives the skin the appearance of a lemon peel with a greasy sheen and black spots.


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